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Established in 1986 by Korean Fire Protection Association, a statutory not-for-profit fire protection organization funded by Korean non-life insurance companies, FILK, is a leading fire specialized institution with 400 kinds of state-of-the-art testing equipment and with more than 25 years of fire testing and research experiences.

As a KOLAS accredited laboratory, FILK offers following main services for a fire free society in Korea: testing and research services to high fire codes and standards, FILK Quality Certification service, loss prevention consultancy, and fire protection training service.Also FILK contributes to the development of Korean Standards(KS) as a designated Cooperating Organization for Standards Development by government, and to international standards committees like ISO and IMO as a technical liaison to ISO/TC92 Fire Safety, TC21/SC11 and TC61/SC4. FILK was accepted by
the United States Coast Guard, the first among the fire labs in Asia, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and other shipping registers like Llyod's, BV and DNV, etc. to conduct fire testing in accordance with IMO FTP Codes.

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Brief History
Apr. 1986 Established by Korean Fire Protection Association
Mar. 1988 Testing Institution for Type-Approval of Ship's Articles (by Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries)
Feb. 1991 Cooperations Agreement with Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials
May 1994
br> Dec. 1996
Testing Institution for Shipping Materials (LR, NK, BV, ABS, DNV, GL)
Sep. 1995 Official Testing Institution to KOLAS (by Korean Agency for Technology &Standards)
Jun. 1998 National Secretariat to ISO/TC92 Fire Safety (by Korean Agency for Technology &Standards)
May 1999 Testing Institution for CE Marking (by Lloyd Shipping Register)
Mar. 2001 Survey Institution for Marking KS Certification (by Korean Agency for Technology & Standards)
Aug. 2002 &
Jan. 2003
Testing Institution for USCG Type-Approval Certification to IMO FTP Codes Part 1~6 (by United States Coast Guard)
Sep. 2003 Technical Cooperations Agreement with Shanghai Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, China
Nov. 2003 Testing Institution for Shipping Materials (by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping)
Apr. 2004 National Secretariat to ISO/TC21/SC11 Smoke & Heat Control Systems and Components (by Korean Agency for Technology & Standards)
May 2004 Cooperations Agreement with TUV Rheinland Korea Ltd.
Jun. 2005 National Secretariat to ISO/TC61/SC4 Plastics, Burning Behavior (by Korean Agency for Technology & Standards)
Mar. 2006 Testing institution for High-Efficiency Appliances Certification Program (by Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
Nov. 2007 Won the grand prize of "2007 Korea Consulting Award" in the area of fire loss prevention from Kookmin Daily
Feb. 2009 Cooperating Organization for Standards Development (by Korean Agency for Technology & Standards)
Oct. 2009 Highly Energy-Efficient Appliances (highly airtight/ insulating door) Testing Institution (by Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
Dec. 2009 Testing Institution for Shipping Materials (by Korean Maritime Register)
Mar. 2010 Cooperations Agreement (with Seoul Firefighting School)
May. 2010 Cooperations Agreement (with Korean National Police Agency)
Mar. 2011 Center for Product Accident Investigation (by Korean Agency for Technology & Standards)
Aug. 2011 Fire Testing for Solar Energy Module Certification (by TUV Korea)
Jun. 2012 Consulting Organization for Assisting Aquisition of Foreign Certification
Marks (by Small & Medium Business Administration)
Oct. 2013 Recognition of a Test Laboratory for Explosion Tests of Crankcase Relief Valves
July. 2014 Testing Institution fo Portable sound machine

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Designated in 2009 by KATS(the Korean Agency for Technology & Standards) as COSD(Co-operating Organization for Standards Development), which was introduced to advance national standards and strengthen the standardization capability of fire safety area. With this designation, KATS and FILK will respectively take on roles for administrative work(such as deliberation, notification, etc) and implementation(such as technical review, opinion collection, draft development, etc) in the area of ISO/TC92 fire safety for construction.
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Contact us
R&D Division Convergence Safety System Research Team kokim@kfpa.or.kr
Fire Resistance Research Team jgjeong@kfpa.or.kr
Fire safety & Building Environment System Research Team dhchoi@kfpa.or.kr
Fire Investigation Center bwkim@kfpa.or.kr
Research Operation Team wbjang@kfpa.or.kr
Education & Training Team jsmoon@kfpa.or.kr
Quality Certification Team yskim@kfpa.or.kr
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How to find us