KFPA Fire Safety Inspections are performed by experienced engineers in fire safety field who have various national certificates as Professional Engineer in fire protection systems, and majored in architectural, chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering.
KFPA Fire Safety Inspections are such fire prevention activities that are to discover fire causes and other hazards inherent in the fire protection system of buildings and working processes of factories, and, of course, inherent in the occupancies themselves, and to positively try to work with the property owners to eliminate the risks, and to suggest measures to minimize losses in case of a fire.
Major Objects of the Safety Inspections are all facilities related to fire risk; buildings, elecrical installations, fire-using facilities, gas facilities, fire alarm facilities, emergency exit facilities, fire extinguishing facilities, mechanical facilities, hazardous material facilities, water supply system, and other facilities necessary for fire supperssion activities.
When there are requests from the property owners or builders constructing new buildings or refoming fire protection systems in old buildings, we provide technical consulting about the whole systems of fire protection.
KFPA Fire Safety Inspections to the Specific Buildings are performed on the yearly base. And these also can be available when you make on renew your insurance contracts, as well as when there are requests from the property owners or Fire Adminisration.
We need to consult a doctor periodically for our health. Likewise, buildings and industrial plants need the fire safety inspections for keeping their normal operations. KFPA Fire Safety Inspections to the Specific Bildings are appreciated for being a great use to the safety management of buldings.

Because the Safety Inspections can not only work out necessary fire prevention measures against various fire risks, but also suggest reasonable insurance rates by examining data required for insurance contracts of the Specific Buildings and perform discount assessment of fire protection system .