• Feb. 1973
Enactment of the "Law on Indemnity for Fire Losses and Fire Insurance Contract"
• May. 1973
Established of KFPA (started fire safety inspection services in Seoul, Busan, and Daegu)
• Dec. 1974
Applicable regions by the Law expanded to cover Inchon, Gwangju, Daejon, and Jeonju
• Jan. 1975
Merged with "Non-Life Insurance Pool Office" to start fire insurance services for Specific Buildings
• Sep. 1977
KFPA Youido HQ open
• Jun. 1984
Disbanding of Financial Insurance Pool
• Apr. 1986
Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea (FILK) opened
• Dec. 1986
Disbanding of Gas Liability Insurance Pool
• Oct. 1992
Disbanding of Fire Insurance Pool on the Specific Building
• Apr. 1993
Started premium discount survey operations for Highly Protected Risks
• Oct. 1994
Agreement of cooperation between KFPA and FMRC
• Jan. 1996
Registered as a qualified inspection business on fire protection systems
• Oct. 1996
Agreement of cooperation between KFPA and NFPA
• Aug. 1997
Applicable regions and categories of Specific Buildings by the Law expanded cover all provinces of Korea . Liability on deaths according to Fire Insurance with Special Provisions of Liability on Bodily Injury was raised up to \30 million.
• Dec. 1997
Official Education & Training Institution by Ministry of Laber (FILK)
• MAR. 2001
Nominated as an evaluating institution for Korean Standards Certification by KATS
• Dec. 2001
Research Institution for the Specialized Research Duty Personnel by Military Manpower Administration(FILK)
•Aug. 2002
Nominated as an USCG formal approval institution by US Coast Guard
•Dec. 2002
Liability on deaths was raised up to \80 million. Accommodation business and large retail stores for agricultural products were added tp the category of Sepecific Buildings.
• Aug. 2007
registered as Professional Educational Instituition for fire officer by NEMA
• Dec. 2008
Agreement of cooperation between KFPA and KFS
•Apr. 2009
Contracting MOU for sharing fire protection information between KFPA and NEMA
•May. 2010
Contracting MOU for sharing fire protection information between KFPA and NEMA
•Sep. 2010
Establishing IAAI Korea
•May. 2011
launching the Fire Safety Certificate Program
•Oct. 2012
Production and proclamation of KFPA character
•Jan. 2014
Increased the scope of safety inspections, etc. from only fires to fires, explosions, collapses, and similar disasters
•Jan. 2015
Received the "Presidential Citation (Group Award) in the field of law and science" at the 11th Crime Scene Investigation Awards(Korea Fire Protection Association Fire Insurance Laboratories of Korea)
•Aug. 2017
Contracting MOU for sharing safety inspections and tests between KFPA and DBI(Danish Institute of FIre Safety and Security Technology)