The Korean Fire Protection Association (KFPA) was founded in 1973 in accordance with the í░Act on the Indemnity for Disasters due to Fire and Fire Insurance Contractí▒ with the aim of helping to ensure stability in the lives of the people by protecting lives and properties. The KFPA has since played a pivotal role in the areas of disaster prevention and insurance.

In response to the diversification and enlargement of risks in recent years, the KFPA has increased the scope of its fire safety inspections, conducted each year for fire prevention in medium to large buildings (special buildings), to include explosions, collapses, and natural disaster risks, offering a wider range of disaster prevention and insurance measures. The safety inspection data is also used as underwriting materials by non-life insurance companies.

The annexed Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea (FILK) aims to minimize damage by enhancing the quality of firefighting products through testing, research, and quality certification, taking advantage of its professional staff with over 30 years of know-how and 475 types of testing and research equipment. In addition, FILK finds fire cause through scientific and empirical investigations and applies it to the fire prevention activities, contributing scientification of non-life insurance and improvement of national fire prevention capacity.

The KFPA also makes various social contributions, including free fire prevention education, fire safety volunteers for vulnerable classes, events to boost the morale of firefighters, and public service advertisements on fire prevention to establish a culture of safety in our society.


or over 40 years, the KFPA has been dedicated to "making people safer and happier." We will continue our efforts to impress and earn the trust and affection of clients as a leading private disaster prevention organization

Thank you.


President & CEO of the KFPA