I'd like to thank you for visiting our website.

KFPA(Korean Fire Protection Association) is disaster prevention institution which was established by the special law, í░ACT ON THE INDEMNIFICATION FOR FIRE-CAUSED LOSS AND THE PURCHASE OF INSURANCE POLICIESí▒, for the sake of fire safety and insurance industry.

Our mission is to build a safe society so that every people live a happy life without threat of disaster.

To achieve our mission, we conduct fire safety inspections on large properties and fire safety public educations to prevent loss of human life and properties from fire, explosions, natural disasters.


KFPA will follow upon social demand and trend to become trusted and beloved disaster prevention institution.

In addition, we will deliver up-to-date valuable information through our website so that it could become a main source for information for disaster prevention and insurance industry.

I am hopeful with your interest and encouragement in pursuit of our goals.


President & CEO of the KFPA