As the KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) accepted laboratory, FILK provides you with the following three types of testing services in accordance with domestic and foreign fire codes and standards such as KS, ISO, IMO, UL, BS, and so on; testing services to the general customer's requests, government accepted testing services for specific purposes, and testing services for shipping registers'.
• Fire protection equipment : portable fire extinguishing
   agent, foam extinguishing agent
• Fire alarm systems : detector, control unit, manual call
   point, etc.
• Extinguishing systems : parts of sprinkler, water spray,
   carbon dioxide and halon fire extinguishing system,
   in-door and out-door hydrant hoses, nozzles, etc.
• Flame retardant goods, noncombustible fibers, etc.
• Building construction materials : noncombustible interior
   finishes, general building construction products, etc.
• Building structure : wall, beam, column, floor, roof, fire
   stop materials, etc.
• Building fire protection system : fire door, fire shutter,    fire damper, etc.
• Technical development : evaluating the quality and performance of new products and
• Foreign export : deciding the suitability to foreign standards and agencies requirements
• Repairing equipment : evaluating the maintenance conditions of the installed equipment
• Product inspection : deciding the suitability to domestic and foreign standards such as KS,
   ISO, IMO, and UL, etc.
• Premium rate : taking advantages of premium rates
• Others : deciding fire performance of fire protection products, etc.
FILK grants superior fire protection systems and products the FILK Quality Certification mark. FILK mark is given only to the verified fire protection and other safety systems in accordance with FILK standards through factory inspections on quality control programs and relevant tests for the evaluation of their fire performances to the high level standards.
The manufacturers of the FILK qualified products can enjoy a reliable reputation in the market to promote the sale of their products. At the same time, the consumer can enjoy premium discounts by using the products with FILK Certification marks.
FILK has been participating in numerous fire research programs on fire protection products and construction materials with the accumulated technologies based on years of testing practices and experienced experts in the fire safety field. FILK is also trying to distribute its expertise earned from fire tests and researches to the general population through publications like a periodic Fire Protection Technology and various seminars on fire issues.
FILK conducts advanced research to develop risk management techniques for various man-made and natural disasters, and to present underwriting criteria for special risks and new risks. Many safety organizations foreign and domestic are building a information network with FILK to form a database of latest technology to supply disaster data for disaster prevention professionals in each field.