• Facilitating quality improvement of fire protection products
• Promoting scientific risk management
• Enhancing national fire protection technologies
With 400 kinds of state-of-the-art testing and research equipment, and with professional engineers, Fire Insurers Laboratories of Korea is providing the following services; test services to domestic and foreign standards and regulations; FILK certification services giving credibility to the excellent fire and safety products; fire safety research and education services with accumulated knowledge on fire protection field; survey and research services on safety-related fields.

As the Ministry of Labor approved Education & Training Institution and with more than thirty years of experiences in safety inspections, fire tests and researches, FILK presents comprehensive and practical training courses on fire protection technologies with state-of-the-art training equipment and skilled experts in the fire protection field.

As the KATS, Korean Agency for Technology & Standards, a government standard authority, designated survey and testing institution for Korean Industrial Standards(KS) Certification, FILK is contributing to the national standardization works.